New Kindle clone coming to Brazil

Normally I'd trim the image, but I like the motto here: connect, read, learn.

Mix Tecnologia Ltda, a Brazilian tech company, have announced that they will soon be selling a Kindle clone for 890 Brazilian Reals (~ $506 USD). (No, that's not a mistake. I can't imagine that they're going to sell all that many at that price.) The Leitor-d is based on a 6" Eink screen, and has a microSDHC card slot, keyboard, and otherwise unremarkable hardware specs. I don't think it has Wifi (or wireless of any kind). But according to the website it has broad format support including Epub, Kindle, PDF, and CHM.

If you're in Sao Paulo tomorrow you have the chance to see the Leitor-d at Bienal do Livro, a book fair.

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  1. Alexander Inglis // 21 August, 2010 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    I keep wondering about the use of “Kindle clone” when every single device I’ve seen so far does not support Kindle ebooks. Amazon, AFAIK, hasn’t licensed its DRM decrypter to any other manufacturer.

    So it’s especially interesting that this model — which indeed *looks* like a Kindle makes this claim:

    Device Support: Formats. pdf. / txt /. epub. / html /. chm /. mobi, and music. mp3. / wma /. wav files and images. jpg. / bmp /. gif. / png …

    … but not Kindle and nothing about DRM.

    Also, at 890 Brazilian Reais, this is a darned expensive piece of equipment — close to $600.

  2. Brazillian electronics prices are among the highest on the planet because of import duties that run 100% and higher.
    The XBOX360 launched at a price of around US$1500.00 or about 5X the US price at the time.
    The *PS2* didn’t show up until 2009 at US$461 (vs $99 in the US) and the PS3 launched at a *subsidized* $1130 so it would by too far out of line with the XBOX360’s current $999 price.

    Isn’t protectionism wonderful?

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