Delta’s 8″, 13″ e-readers on schedule for a Q4 2010 launch

CENS .com are reporting:

With its effort on business diversification paying off, Delta Electronics Inc., a world-caliber manufacturer of power supplies, has smoothly unveiled a 13-inch and 8-inch color e-book reader in cooperation with its digital content providers, which are slated for launch in the fourth quarter of this year at the earliest in Taiwan, according to Fu Jie, president of the firm`s media business department.

Fu indicated that the two color e-book readers will be targeted at education and professional segments on the island, and his firm has already contacted schools and libraries for cooperation in a bid to enhance varieties of its e-book contents and quality of services.

Not much in the way of new info here. But did you notice that they're talking about 2 ereaders? Last I heard was that the 13" ereader would be out in December. I didn't know they had the 8" model ready.

Update: I just found this video of Delta's 8" ereader (via

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  1. These are using the QR-LPD or liquid powder displays that are developed by Bridgestone. it will be interesting to see the update speed of an actual device. I hope it does well. It uses a sort of microcup design for the pixels like sipix- in fact one of the engineers from bridgestone left to work with Sipix .

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