Nuance Vocalizer Brings Voice to Blio

From the press release:

Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) and K-NFB Reading Technology Inc., today announced that the Nuance Vocalizer text-to-speech technology will be available as part of the Blio eReader Software when it launches next month. ...Blio will be making Nuance’s text-to-speech available as a downloadable accessory on Blio eBook Stores, enabling customers to further customize their eReader experiences by listening to “Samantha” and “Tom,” Nuance’s incredibly natural voices.


Additionally, Blio will also make Nuance’s text-to-speech technology available to manufacturers developing eReaders or integrating eReader functionality on mobile devices, including tablets, with Blio software. With the availability of Nuance’s robust text-to-speech capabilities, all Blio customers, manufacturers and developers will be able to speech-enable eReader content, allowing consumers to sit back and enjoy the convenience of listening to books, magazines and more.

Here's the part that has me confused. I've heard the Blio TTS at conventions. It sounded like Nuance had done the TTS, and I'd pretty much assumed that was so.  I don't see how this press release is actually news.

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  1. Not all Press Releases are actually *new* News. 😉
    But in this case, there is a bit of news (to me, at least); Blio will be licensing Nuance along with their software to “manufacturers developing *eReaders*”. Then they separately list mobile devices and tablets.
    I don’t recall seeing Blio being linked to pure reader devices before; the assumption being that the hardware requirements would be iPad-and-higher.
    I did some extra searching online and it seems Blio’s been lining up some heavy duty support on the back end (Quark, for starters) that may bring the hardware requirements down from the PC-only first release.
    It’ll be interesting to see what else they’ve got coming besides the Toshiba partnership…

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