LG Display planning to make color epaper screens by end of year

There's an interesting footnote in LG Display's SEC paperwork:

In addition, we have shown that we are technologically a step ahead of the competition by developing products such as 21.5-inch full HD glossy touch screen monitors, 13.3-inch on-cell touch screen LCDs, 3-inch OLEDs, 10.1-inch flexible LCDs and 2.6mm thin televisions. By the end of 2010, we are also expecting to commence mass-production of 19-inch flexible e-papers and 9.7-inch color e-papers.

The picture at right is the 9.7" color epaper screen. It's one of the things that we found in the LG Display booth at SID Display week.

BTW, while we're on the topic of screen production, it's worth noting that they've been making epaper screens for some time now. LG Display are one of the manufacturing partners for E-ink, and they've made both the standard 6" screen and the unique 7" screen for the PRS-900.

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  1. That’s very interesting. LG is using Prime View International’s e-Ink technology. I’m surprised that Philips sold their ePaper rights and patents to PVI when they could have developed it for their partner LG. That leaves LG to partner with PVI who also bought E-Ink Technologies. PVI is now known as E-Ink Holdings.

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