Monterey College of Law to run iPad pilot program

From Campus Technology:

As the centerpiece of a new mobile computing initiative, Monterey College of Law (MCL) in California is distributing Apple iPads to all students enrolled in a supplemental curriculum program that helps them prepare for the state's bar exam. According to information released by the college, all entering first-year students signed up for the program within the first week, as did 70 percent of the remainder of the student body.

The college said the impetus for the program, which launched last week, was a perceived need to create studying opportunities outside of the classroom for its students, who, with a median age of 38, are typically full-time workers attending school in the evening. MCL has 36 incoming first-year students and a total of 105 students this year in its doctor of jurisprudence program.


The pilot program was developed in conjunction with BARBRI, the bar exam review/prep provider. BARBRI is providing MCL's supplemental curriculum program and has worked with the college to ensure that the students won't be absorbing the price of the iPads, according to Mitchel Winick, MCL president and dean.

We're probably going to see a rash of these programs in the next couple months, so I've added this as a category. Just off the top of my head I can think of 4 other pilot programs I've already covered.

This one's rather interesting. Most of the students in this pilot are older than the average college student. We're going to get opionion form a bunch of baby boomers basically, and the other pilots will be filled with Gen Xs.

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