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This is just a brief reminder for those who are following TDR via RSS. About a month ago I stopped doing the daily links posts  and instead started a second RSS feed. I had decided to use the main feed for more original work but didn't want to drop the links entirely.

If you've visited the TDR website then you probably have seen the new feed as a widget on the far right.

If you regularly follow TDR for the ebook news then you'll probably want to add this feed. Here is the URL:

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2 Comments on Elsewhere on the Web

  1. Hello Nate,

    I was wondering, as these are syndicated from Google Reader is there any way you can point me at a shared items page or similar I can use to add you to those I follow there? It would make it far easier to read these on the move using Reeder etc.

    Ta on your great coverage BTW.

  2. Nate the great // 3 September, 2010 at 1:41 pm //

    Yes it is based on Google Reader. Here’s what Google Reader says is the Feed URL:

    If you look at it, it looks weird. But that’s what I gave Feedburner as the source, so it must work.

    BTW, I’m planning to move it somewhere else. For some reason I can’t change the feed title. I’ve changed it in FeedBurner, but it still shows up as “Nathaniel’s Shared Items”. Don’t worry, I’ll give advance warning

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