Serioux DigiBook E10 e-reader (video)

Mike Cane found this oddity on Youtube. It's a basic 6" ereader from Serioux, a consumer electronics company based in Europe.There's no mention of price or availability.Here are the specs:

• Screen : 6 inch, E-Ink Resolution: 800(H)*600(V)
• 4 level grayscale
• Format support: TXT, PDF, JPG, BMP, MP3
• Operation System : Linux 2.6
• Storage Media : SD Memory card (up to 8GB capacity)
• Flash : 128MB Flash
• Ram : 64MB SDRAM
• I/O : USB mini 5pin connector
• 2.5inch stereo audio out jack
• Battery : Rechargeable Lithium Polymer, 1320mA, 3.7V
• Dimension : 188x120x9.5mm

While I haven't seen this ereader before, I can say that I think it's a Netronix design. Watch the video and look at the location of the SD card slot, power button, battery panel, d-pad, and USB port. All of those features are in almost the exact same place as on any Netronix clone (Kobo ereader, for example).

This ereader has extra buttons so I wonder if it is a knock off. On the other hand, the hardware specs are rather low. Anyone trying to copy Netronix would have made improvements.

Here's an unboxing video:

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6 Comments on Serioux DigiBook E10 e-reader (video)

  1. Ha! You’ve never seen that before? Surprised I found something you haven’t! I was thinking Netronix too when I looked at it.

  2. They’re selling this wonder in Spain, too. It’s called SPCinternet 5500 (yeah!)

    (click on videos: there’s a video)

  3. This seems like a budget e-book reader judging on the features (only txt and pdf? really now…), and its price – they’re selling it here in Romania for about 115 euros, whereas other readers start at 185 euros.

  4. I can’t recommend it. Its useless to me, too slow and buggy. (@teel it has mp3 support as well, not that I would care since I can’t read on it)

  5. Pentru cei care si-au achizitionat un ebook serioux sdb E10 (cu procesor Samsung S3C2440), aveti aici un sistem de operare diferit fata de cel din fabrica. Updateul de firmware se face relativ usor: se copiaza fisierele pe cardul SD formatat fat32, se introduce in ebookul stins, se porneste tinand apasat pe tasta menu circa 2-3 secunde, apoi porneste updateul de firmware. Dupa terminare se reseteaza readerul din butonul de reset din spate. Aveti 2 arhive, prima este cea originala, iar a doua este realizata de vismyk, care a modificat unele caractere ce se afisau strambe in programul de citit. Eu unul folosesc softul original, are meniul in limba rusa dar are optiune si de enegleza. Aplicatia este Cool Reader 3.0.35, recunoaste rtf, epub, pdf, fb2. O problema ar fi in timpul citirii, daca se apasa pe tasta “Next page” sau “Previous page” readerul sa nu faca refresh la ecran, dar se poate face o combinatie de taste pentru a anula cat de cat inconvenientul: se apasa tasta menu sau tasta cu nota muzicala, apoi tasta “next page” sau “previous page”, trecand astfel la pagina urmatoare. Poate daca exista cineva care se pricepe la Linux (firmware cu Linux sa programeze un refresh. :da :101 … ba21da550f firmware cum arata softul

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