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No, I don't have any advance knowledge of  the Kindle App Store  opening. I've decided to do another post on games that you can buy now for your Kindle and apps that will be in the KAS when it finally launches.

BTW, If you're working on an app for the Kindle, I want to hear about it. I'd like to be able to post about your app the day it launches (if not sooner). Or do you already have a game in the Kindle Store? Let me know.

First things first. I can't tell you anything about price or availability about upcoming apps because Amazon aren't talking to anyone. But I can make a few guesses on price. Take a look at apps for Android and iOS; that's where the market exists now. Also, a number of those developers are probably working on Kindle apps (I've found 2 so far). My guess is that the price will be fixed by Amazon at free, $.99, and $2.99 (similar to the blog subscription prices).

I probably should explain how these apps work. The simple ones are entirely contained within an ebook. The more complicated games require an active internet connection to play (the game is actually on someone's website, not the Kindle). Also, a lot of these games are designed for the Kindle, not the Kindle apps. Check the description and reviews before you buy one.

First up I have MathDoku by Robert Edison. This is a collection of 20 game boards, and it came out in July 2009. This is somewhat like Sudoku only more complicated. For each section of the board you have an operation and an answer. For example, in the bottom left corner you have 2/. You solve that by finding 2 numbers x and y such that x/y=2. Interesting.

This game requires an internet connection to function.

Next up isn't a game, but it certainly deserves a mention: Notepad Plus. This is exactly what it sounds like. No Whispernet is required.

This particular app is relatively straightforward to program and could have been done with any version of Mobipocket Reader.  I'm a little surprised apps like this haven't gotten more attention in the Kindle Store.

And you couldn't talk about games on the Kindle without at least one mention of Sudoku. Puzux, a developer I like, has released about a dozen different Sudoku games for the Kindle. But so have a bunch of other developers. There are several dozen Sudoku games for the Kindle; it would be difficult to pick which one is best.

P.S. You don't need to buy the first app you see. For most of the apps, you have several to chose from (some games have dozens of competitors). Go to the Kindle Store and search for the type of app. You''ll be surprised by the results.

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