Cool-ER might not be dead after all

Actually, I think they're dead and going to stay that way, but I could be wrong. Pocket-lint bumped into the head of marketing for Interead (Cool-ER's owner), Phil Wood, and he reported that Interead had worked out a deal for Elonex to revive the brand name.

The deal will see five new eBook readers, that will be branded as Elonex Cool-er ereaders. They will retain the Cool-er multi-coloured styling, but combine the two company's firmware:

"As time goes on, the partnership will be marrying the firmware together," Wood said. "There’s obviously good parts to take from both, and we’ll be bringing some consistency to the range".

He continued: "The ethos of Cool-er was always that it’s an eBook reader for readers, designed by readers. And that’s where the Elonex firmware can be improved even further. It’s very solid, but we’re bringing it to a range, if you’re an occasional reader, that includes a 99 Euro colour screen".

The problem with this is that neither company is up to the task of developing their own firmware. They both used firmware created by their hardware development partner. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but all they really do is slap their respective logos on someone else's design.

P.S. I hope they're going to do more than just use the same antique Netronix design (the one Cool-ER were using before). If they keep that hardware then Cool-ER will stay dead.

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