Scoop: First look at the Pocket Edge!

A friend tipped me to this photo from Yahoo News this morning. Apparently a couple weeks ago the Governor of California toured the Marvell headquarters. And of course he was accompanied by the press.

One detail that no one noticed at the time was that Marvell had all of their partner's devices on display. One of those partners is Entourage.

The first picture is from Yahoo News. I want you to look at the gadgets on display. In between the Spring Design Alex and the Entourage Edge is the Pocket Edge. (Sorry about the image size.)

It's not a good image, I know. But there's no need to find a bigger version because I already found a video shot by Forbes. If you skip to about 41 seconds in to the video you'll see the Governor holding the Pocket Edge.

The embedding options offered by Forbes suck, so I clipped a couple key images. You're really better off watching the video over at, anyway.

If you look at the very first picture, you'll see that the Pocket Edge has E-ink screen about the same size as the Alex. I'd say it has a 6" E-ink screen and 7" LCD. I have both screens on my desk right now. The proportions match what we see in the video.

Note that there is a sign in the video (at 44s) that says Verizon Pocket Edge. This confirms the Verizon leak from last month. Also, if you look carefully you can kinda see the words "Verizon" and "Pocket Edge" above and below the E-ink screen.

Looking at the video, I can see they kept the speakers in between the 2 halves as well as all the buttons. This would suggest that they also kept the Wacom touch screen, CPU, and probably most if not all of the hardware specs. I'll go a step further and suggest they also kept the software features (which would make sense).

6 thoughts on “Scoop: First look at the Pocket Edge!

  1. Why don’t you just do what I do with all videos? Pause it and hit PrtScrn, paste in MSPaint, Save As JPG? You can get whatever picture you want! You wouldn’t have had to send people to endure that video.

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