3 Hands on reports for the Sharper Image Literati

The Literati was on display last week at Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular.  I've found 3 blogs who took the time to look at the Literati. 2 of the posts are rather shallow, but Cnet's report is reasonably detailed considering the fact that time was limited and the exhibit hall was probably noisy.


On the plus side, the Literati is reasonably attractive, though its elongated shape may be a bit jarring to those used to seeing the well-proportioned Kindle, Nook, or Sony ereaders. The device seems zippy enough, and we didn't see a problem with books loading too slowly or page turn delays. That said, the biggest hint that this is a budget device is the LCD, which isn't supersharp (it's 800 x 480 resolution). It's OK for reading and, as you can see from the photo below, it displays images from children's books just fine. But hold it up to a smartphone or an iPad screen, and it looks dull in comparison.

PC Magazine

The Literati doesn't do anything other than read books. There's no browser, no games, nothing–all extra features were scrapped in favor of a simple way to read books. In the few minutes I got to spend with the device, I liked the interface – there are four tabs on the top of the home screen (for books you're currently reading, the store, and the like), and otherwise, the whole interface is about the reading experience. The 800-by-400 screen isn't a touch enabled—the Literati uses Forward/Backward buttons and a directional pad, much like the Amazon Kindle, for all its navigation.


I asked the PR rep whether the store carried any comics--he said he'd have to get back to me on that--not that the device is ideal for content that is that image heavy. The screen is pretty slim, and keep in mind that this thing is not a touchscreen device--I had a bit of hands-on time with the Literati last night, and its scrolling capabilities left a bit to be desired for a final product.

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