Intel AppUp is Cursed with Broken DRM

Intel announced their app store for netbooks last week. I would have ignored it, but B&N were supposed to have a Nook app in the store. It's not there, actually.

I went into this with a generally positive attitude. I don't like app stores, but my main laptop is old enough that it has specs similar to a netbook. I would have been very happy if Intel could find me apps that can run on my limited hardware.

I'm going to skip past the problems I had with setting up an account. And I'm going to skip the poor browsing experience.

As part of researching AppUp, I found and downloaded a couple free games. When I tried to run them they would not open. Apparently they aren't authorized to run on my laptop.

Even though the apps are free, my account was active, etc, Intel won't let me use the apps.

I'm lucky in that I had the good sense not to actually buy an app, so I'm not out any money. But the principle remains. Who is Intel to tell me I cannot use the app I downloaded? It's a free app, for pete's sake. What kind of an idiot has DRM on a free app? All they accomplished was to add to the cost of giving it away. That's just stupid; there's no other word for it.

This is proof that DRM is good for nothing more than screwing with legitimate customers. If I had pirated these apps, I wouldn't be having this problem.

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  1. They’re not the only ones.
    The University of Chicago has a monthly “free” ebook giveaway. One month it was actually semi-interesting so I signed up. At D/L time it wanted me to download and install Adobe Digital Editions because the “free” ebooks are tied down with ADEPT.
    I shrugged and walked away.

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