David Morrell on the Current State of Print Publishing: “This Is Nuts”

by Evil Wylie

David Morrell (the creator of Rambo and a damn good thriller writer) recently signed an exclusive deal with Amazon to release 10 of his books as Kindle e-books (nine of which are backlist). Is he a trailblazer, or has he signed a deal with THE DEVIL?

Here are his thoughts on the current state of print publishing and his hope for the future thanks to e-book self-publishing:

The current system is broken. ...

It bothers me that, if an editor wants to buy the manuscript of a new novel, it’s first necessary to get the okay of the marketing department, which in turn sometimes goes to the buyers for the chain stores and asks them “If we publish this book, how many copies would you hypothetically buy?”

This is nuts. There’s something liberating when writers don’t need to base their self-worth on what a conglomerate’s marketing team decides is a good book. The e-book market allows writers to write what they want.

(via A Newbie's Guide to Publishing)

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