Kno dual-screen tablet to drop second screen

Know issued a press release today announcing a new model for their textbook platform. They plan to offer a single screen 14" tablet alongside the dual screen Kno. (They really need to come up with some product names.) My guess is that they finally realized the market for a dual screen tablet that weighs 6 lbs and costs $1000 is awfully small. 

TBH, I don't think there is a market for d-Kno (dual screen Kno). My first thought when I saw the original announcement was that the $1k cost would be better spent on a $500 laptop and a $500 Entourage Edge. Weight and cost would be the same, and functionality would increase by a factor of 5.

And I don't think there's a market for the s-Kno (single screen Kno), either. The upper end of the tablet market is $600 (the actual base cost of an iPad). I would not enter the tablet market right now unless I could beat the iPad on either price or ability. I'm not sure the s-Kno will do either.

Both Kno tablets are scheduled to ship this year.

From the press release:

Kno, Inc., the groundbreaking tablet textbook and dynamic learning platform, today announced its further commitment to the education market with a single screen version of its tablet textbook. The single screen version extends the breakthroughs and functionality of the dual screen version announced in June.Kno, short for knowledge, is a transformative learning platform that blends a touch-screen tablet, digital textbooks, course materials, note-taking, web access, educational applications, digital media, sharing and more into a powerful and engaging educational experience that is not available on any other tablet or eReader today.

“From day one, we designed the Kno with flexibility in mind,” said Babur Habib, CTO and Co-Founder of Kno, Inc. “We developed the product to have multiple configurations and meet different student needs. The single screen maintains the elegance of our fluid, intuitive interface while capturing the richness and ‘page fidelity’ of the original textbook.”

The company plans to ship both the single and two-screen tablet textbooks to consumers by the end of 2010. Pricing and pre-order announcements will be made in the coming months.

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