Last chance to get a Cool-ER

A press release came across my desk today. The web retailer are proud to announce that they now have the Cool-ER ereader in stock and ready to ship. It looks to me like they bought up the warehouse stock from the court appointed executor.I think they are fools for stocking this ereader. Interead are dead. If a device breaks, this retailer will have to take the brunt of all the customer's frustration and anger.On the other hand, the ridiculously high (220€) is probably designed to cover the cost of all the broken ereaders.From the press release:, one of Europe’s upcoming online stores welcomes the arrival of the Cool-ER 6” E-Book Reader to its screens.

“Described as one of the funkiest ereaders on the market, we are really happy with the launch of Cool-ER e-book readers to our store,” says Kj Sheahan, Website Director of “Cool-ER are bringing to the market slim, cool, well designed e-book readers at affordable prices. The changeover from traditional style books to e-book readers will take time to get hold on everyone but Cool-ER are making the transition easier by offering people greater choice combined with funky design. We are really happy to launch our first e-book reader to our website and we look forward to continuing to offer our customers the latest products and technologies from around the world at competitive prices”.

The COOL-ER uses E-Ink®, a new technology that gives you a screen with a "like paper" display, replicating the experience of reading a paper book. Using power only for "button clicks" means that a single charge can last for up to 8000 pages and unlike a book, the electronic display allows you to change the text size to suit you!

Getting books onto the Cool-er couldn't be simpler - via USB it acts as a simple Mass Storage Device, or you can insert an SD card instead. There is no software included (or necessary) - you simply drag and drop your publications. This meant it worked perfectly under Ubuntu Linux as well as Windows without any drivers. This is fine for books that don't feature any DRM, but if you want to read the latest blockbuster purchased from an online store, you'll need Adobe Digital Editions to handle the rights management. Again, free, simple, and par for the course.

Prices start from €219.99 and are available at Cool-ER 6" E-Book Reader.

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  1. OMG. Their website describes it as “The elite of eBook readers.” LMAO! This way to the egress.

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