Kobo planning to expand to Europe

So last night I discovered that the Lookbook had a list of the members of the Kobo design team. I of course started Googling the names, and I found the various people on LinkedIn and their personal web sites. Out of curiosity, I checked the Kobo website to see what positions were open and I found something interesting.

Kobo have job openings for Vendor and Content Managers based in Europe.

Kobo is expanding its selection of content to include books, newspapers, and magazines from European publishers. Your job: work with publishers on a daily basis to receive and process the latest and greatest content from our publishers from the European Union.

Kobo is expanding its selection of content to include books from European publishers. Your job: identify, attract, recruit, sign and manage publishers in the trade, scholarly, and science/technical/medical categories from throughout the European Union.

It's not big news, perhaps, but I find it interesting. And at least one position has been open since May, which is more interesting. I wonder if they are having trouble finding someone with the requisite language skills and experience.

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  1. Well, it is big news in this sense: are the folks at B&N Nook, Sony eReader, or any of the other device manufacturers, actively pursuing a content strategy outside the US? ePub is a widely accepted “standard” outside English-speaking markets and no one is rushing to fill this need: one brand as the “goto” brand for e-books.

    It’s just another of the clues that the folks at Kobo have a wider vision than the current quarter’s results for their device(s) and bookstore. Like Amazon, they are building a true platform for e-reading. Arguably the smallest of the credible alternatives to Amazon, they seem also to be the fiestiest and certainly worth keeping on the radar.

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