Pocketbook respond to my “PB701 clears the FCC” post

A couple days ago I posted on the FCC paperwork for the Pocketbook 701. I showed how the 701 bore a striking resemblance to the white PD Novel (and the Cruz Reader).This got picked up in the Russian language forums on The-eBook.org, and a spokesman for Pocketbook posted this response:

The difference between the Pandigital and PocketBook IQ is as follows:

1. Android open platform with the ability to install software for all possible market (in the Pandigital is nothing you can not install)
2. Reliable and updated software by PocketBook
3. Ability to view video and audio
4. Android is now worth 2.0, and in December, will upgrade to 2.2

PocketBook IQ is positioned as - Multimedia e-book

In connection with the development of the color content of periodicals, comic books and video ustroystvotbudet is the first in this segment.

Particular attention is paid to the development of children's category of multimedia content when the picture book into a game.

Let me give you a 5th reason: the IQ has 3 extra buttons on the front. That means Foxconn have improved the hardware as well as the software. Remember, the white Novel came out in July. That means the IQ will have an extra 5 months of development time. The firmware almost has to be better.

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  1. He did not specifically mention the Android Marketplace. Is he inferring this when he says all marketplaces. That is what I would be looking for in a tablet device. I had heard that Android was not supporting tablets right now so none would have access to the Android Marketplace,

  2. As far as looks goes, they all look like the i pad to some degree or another. The Cruz reader really looks like it sans the one front button. It is very well put together. It’s just got a noticeably slower touch screen and system response.

  3. “a striking resemblance to the 2hite PD Novel (and the Cruz Reader)” – we can only guess what the ‘2’ is supposed to be: probably a ‘w’, although an ‘s’ would be appropriate as well…
    Note that Pandigital have released an “open platform” firmware for the Novel, which basically just makes it an Android tablet (without access to the market, until you install hacks from Slatedroid).
    If these really are a close relative of the Novel, then perhaps the Pocketbook Froyo release will work on the Novel as well, which would be very interesting indeed.

  4. Item number 2 is the one I’m keeping an eye on.
    Since its introduction, the Pocketbook folks has tossed off several fuzzy comments that can be read to suggest they might be porting their Pocketbook eReader software suite to the IQ. That would make it a compelling buy for a “multimedia ebook” reader.
    All a matter of reading tea leaves at this point.

    • Actually, they’ve quite clearly said that they will release a Pocketbook Android app.

      • I know. But I’m on the skeptical side so until I know that the Pocketbook-branded Android app is actually a full port of their Linux-based ebook environment I’ll assume isn’t. (shrug)

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