Scruffy Kitty app shows how not to launch an app

Sometimes I like to discuss how people are doing their jobs, rather than what they are doing.

A new children's book app was launched today called Scruffy Kitty, and I almost didn't post about it. A lot of apps are being launched lately, and the deciding factor on whether I write a post is how interesting will it look on the blog. (Do I think it's neat? is the question I ask.)

SK had a few pictures, some text about the app, and a boring promo video (trust me, it's not worth watching). I almost didn't post about this app, but then I found the following animated gif on the publisher's website:

You'll need to click on it to see the animation.

Even though this was the most interesting artwork they had, it wasn't with the promo materials. It was the banner for the publisher's website.  If I hadn't happened to visit, I'd never have seen it.

Folks, if you want to get a blogger's attention, you need to do it right. Get my attention first, and I'll share with my readers.

P.S.  It's selling at £2.99 in iTunes.

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  1. Whoa! But they didn’t go far enough. Could have added Xmas and New Year’s.

    Wow, this brings up an entire idea for embedded seasonality. Amazon already embeds two backgrounds in its K desktop app: one for daylight, one for night!

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