China announce new regulations for the world’s second largest ebook market

Over the past weekend the GAPP (General Administration of Press and Publication) released the first set of guidelines for China's digital publishing industry.I can't find an actual copy of the regulations, so I don't know what they say. But I've found a couple English language reports that mention the fact that the GAPP just completed a 7 month long consultation period, so this is probably less authoritarian that it appears at first glance.From the press release (translated by Google):

In recent years, the rapid development of China's e-book industry, has become the world's second largest single country market e-book.  General Administration of Press and Publication 10, issued e-book industry comments, the text of a total of twenty, from the meaning, principles, tasks, etc. to regulate the industry guidance.

Comments should be made to build e-book industry, according to the law access system, according to the law related business engaged in e-book classification approval and management of enterprises.  Of the original content in the e-book, editing and publishing and delivery platform for e-content resources operations of the business, as publishers of electronic publications and Internet publishing units for approval and management; in the publication of the contents of the digital conversion, editing, chips implantation of the company, as an electronic publication, approval and management of replication units; of the total in the e-book distribution, wholesale, retail sales businesses, as an electronic publication distribution units for approval and management; business engaged in e-book import enterprises, as the importer of electronic publications for approval and management.

Opinion also pointed out that to promote the traditional publishing units, distribution units, digital technology provider, relying on their own resources, the joint e-content resources to build national delivery platform to promote the implementation of a number of strategic and exemplary book industry projects , the e-book producers into the national digital publishing base in key support areas. In addition, to speed up the e-book standards development, research development of e-book format, quality, platform, copyright and other aspects of industry and national standards.

Is pre-installed or downloaded e-book text, images, audio and video digital content such as handheld readers of publications referred to, as a new publishing format worldwide have shown an explosive growth. In China, many enterprises have entered the field of book production, traditional and online publishing company also introduced a wide range of e-book products, the formation of the hardware manufacturers, technology providers and content providers to participate in the industrial development pattern.

According to statistics, in 2009 China reached 3.82 million units shipped books, shipments during the first half of 2010 accounted for over two into the global total, second only to the United States, the year is expected to reach 9.1 million units.

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