Apps are the hot trend of 2010

Come 2011, they'll be last year's hot trend.

In my last post I made a remark that apps are so 2010, and I thought it deserves an explanation.

I'm at the XML 2010 conference right now (that's why I had so few posts the past couple days). One of the presenters has made a compelling argument that media apps just aren't a practical solution for magazines and newspapers. He thinks that in the long run they're going to swing back to web content. A number of people discussed this during the breaks, and I have to say I think he's right (in some cases).

Cost is an issue, but he stressed that he didn't think it was practical to develop an app for each platforms. We're looking at 4 major platforms now (iPad, iPhone, Android, WebOS), and if Google follows through on Chrome there will be 5.

Okay, I'm sure you think that 5 isn't so many, but how do you know it will stop there? Is it really a good idea to commit to an app for each platform when one can save time and money by going back to web content (HTML5)?

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  1. Truth is none of those Apps do anything that can’t be coded in AJAX. Once HTML5 is anointed as production-ready, the wise ones will ditch the regulated appstores and switch to HTML5/AJAX.
    Of course, this assumes the various OS overlords *allow* these unregulated standard web applets to exist in their walled gardens. The loss of revenue will be significant.

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