Borders, BookBrewers announce partnership

Do you know how you can subscribe to a blog through the Kindle Store? Borders are trying to do somehting similar, only it's not as good. This new arrangement will let you buy an ebook made from a blog, but it doesn't appear that you can subscribe to the blog. Also, BookBrewer charge the blogger $90 for this service. (Amazon charge the blogger nothing.)Why are they pitching this to bloggers? This is a book distribution system, and not a very good one at that.From the press release:

Borders(R) today announced that it has teamed with BookBrewer to launch BORDERS - GET PUBLISHED(TM) Powered by BookBrewer. The co-branded publishing service empowers independent authors to publish and sell eBooks through the Borders eBook store, powered by Kobo, as well as other eBook retailers. BORDERS - GET PUBLISHED(TM) Powered by BookBrewer makes it seamless for any writer or blogger to format, display and sell their content across a number of technology platforms including a variety of tablets and eReading devices. The service will be available at beginning Oct. 25.

"We know many book lovers are also writers or aspiring authors who want to share their stories but do not want to invest the time and money to self publish in print," said Mike Edwards, CEO of Borders, Inc. "BORDERS - GET PUBLISHED(TM) Powered by BookBrewer offers the perfect solution -- authors can quickly and easily load, format and publish content, which will then be available for sale within a few days on and other major eBook outlets. We're excited to give new writers and bloggers an opportunity to reach an expanded audience as they make their foray into digital."

Users can develop and edit content regardless of length, set their own suggested price within bounds set by retailers, and publish via BookBrewer in the Borders' eBook store. Customers are provided with the option to purchase, download, and instantly read blogger and independent author content on several leading devices, including the iPhone(R), iPad(TM), Android(TM)-powered tablets as well as a variety of eReaders, notably the Kobo(TM) Wireless eReader, Kobo(TM) eReader, Aluratek Libre Pro and Velocity(R) Micro Cruz(TM) Reader.

Creating an eBook can be done in a few simple steps using the intuitive BookBrewer tools. Authors can add content by typing or copying and pasting it into an online form, or they can feed in their content from an existing Web site or blog. With the click of a button, they can arrange and edit content as they wish. The content is saved as an ePub file -- the format most eBook stores require to sell a book.

"Everyone has a story to tell, pictures to share or advice to give. It turns out that those are exactly the kinds of things people want to buy and read as eBooks," said BookBrewer CEO Dan Pacheco. "We're thrilled to have the opportunity to work with an iconic brand like Borders, which not only has an incredible customer base, but also has a great local community focus."

BORDERS - GET PUBLISHED(TM) Powered by BookBrewer gives authors a choice of two publishing packages: the $89.99 basic package and the $199.99 advanced publishing package. Under the basic package, BookBrewer will assign the book an ISBN (a $125 value), and will make it available to all major eBook stores at a price set by the writer. Royalties will be based on sales and will vary with each retailer. Authors who choose the advanced package will receive a full version of their ePub file, which they will own and may share with friends, family or submit on their own to eBook stores.

About BookBrewer

BookBrewer is a subsidiary of Boulder, Colo.-based startup FeedBrewer, Inc., which creates multi-platform publishing solutions for mobile devices. You can follow BookBrewer on Twitter at or on Facebook at, and experiment with its eBook publishing tools at BookBrewer is a graduate of the Founder Institute (, a startup accelerator launching hundreds of companies per year in over 10 cities worldwide.

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  1. Okay, this might seem like a stupid question, but can you upload your own ePub files? I looked on the site, but it’s just a holding page for now until the product is launched.

    • It doesn’t appear that you can upload your own Epub.

    • I’ve been playing around with it, and to add content you can copy and paste your chapters in one at a time. It’s more of an authoring tool, not a file conversion type of tool. It’s just a different way of adding your content than the other epublishing sites.

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