Libre Digital to launch cloud based ebookstore – Skyshelf

Earlier today I told you about Starbuck's new webportal with news, music, etc, and how ebooks would be provided by Skyshelf, a new browser based reading app.  I didn''t know anything about it then, but luckily someone updated the Skyshelf website this morning. You can't actually do anything yet but you can read the FAQ and the About page.

SkyShelf is a virtual bookshelf that allows you to buy the eBooks you want and read them instantly. (We call them instant eBooks.) No special eReader is required. Just use your computer, tablet, smart phone or any device with a supported web browser.

You can read your eBooks whenever you want and we’ll remember the last page you read. You can pick up where you left off even if you’re on a different device.

You can tell your friends or the world about what you’re reading. SkyShelf is better than a book club. SkyShelf is a social reading experience that lets you share your favorites on places like FaceBook and Twitter.

You make it your own at, your personal virtual bookshelf.

The second link doesn't work yet, unfortunately.

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  1. So in this model, you don’t even get a digital file you can call your own? You just get online visitation rights?
    The price had better reflect this…

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