New audiobook publisher launched – all titles DRM free

From the press release:

We are pleased to announce Iambik Audio, a new kind of audiobook company, launching today with 11 literary fiction audiobooks from independent presses in the US and Canada. In the collection, Iambik is launching audiobooks of one giant of American letters, Gordon Lish (including a selection of stories read by Mr. Lish himself); one Pulitzer Prize finalist, Lydia Millet; and a number of newer and upcoming writers including Felicia Luna Lemus and J. Robert Lennon.Iambik Audio was started by Hugh McGuire, founder of LibiriVox, the free public domain audiobook community, once called "the most interesting cultural collaborative project this side of Wikipedia."
Before you get to the rest of the press release, I wanted to point you at some samples Iambik are hosting on their blog. Here are a couple I found interesting:All my friends are Superheroes, by Andrew Kaufman Collected Fictions, by Gordon Lish The second one starts with the author's bio, so you might want to jump ahead a couple minutes.

But whereas LibriVox helps anyone make free audiobooks of older public domain texts, Iambik connects talented voice actors with contemporary books from great publishers, and sells the audiobooks from and distribution partners including Audible, Overdrive, and eMusic.

"When we were approached by Iambik to participate in their new venture, I was thrilled, since their aspirations and ways of thinking about books in the context of new and expanding media is very much in tune with our plans for the future,” says Chris Fischbach, Associate Publisher of Coffee House Press.

Iambik aims to change the way commercial audiobooks are made. For audiobook listeners, Iambik will offer hand-picked collections of audiobooks, a little off the beaten path, at reasonable prices (between $5 and $10) with no digital rights management—meaning they can be played on any computer or mobile device.

For publishers and authors, Iambik approaches everything as a partnership, by promoting print and ebooks, as well as selling audiobooks, and by giving healthy royalties on all sales.

For audiobook narrators and voice actors, Iambik is more of a partner than an employer, sharing revenues on all sales, and helping to secure audio rights for books narrators wish to record.

“We’re very happy to be involved in this innovative and timely initiative—audiobooks are back! And Iambik is the perfect forum for proving it, especially for a smaller press insistent on quality and literariness,” says Alana Wilcox of Coach House Books.

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