Asus DR-900 launched in Taiwan

Digitimes are reporting that Asus launched the Eee Reader, with a model number of TZ-900. The TZ-900 is a variant of the DR-900, and it's based on a 9" Sipix screen (1024 x 768 resolution). This particular model was modified to suit the members of Tzu Chi, a religious organization. The initial shipment of 5,000 units retailed for around $10,000 NTD ($323).

The DR-900 is scheduled to ship in November, and according to one of my several sources it will be equipped with Wifi, 3G, TTS, a dictionary, as well as handwriting recognition.

Curiously enough, all the pre-announcements that I've been seeing this week said that Asus would launch the Eee Note. In fact, one source said that it would be based on an 8" Sipix screen. Of course, that source had a number of details wrong but then so did the Digitimes pre-announcement.

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  1. The tech news concerning ASUS’s (a series of) e-reader products is always messy. It seems that journalists show no patience and professionalism to figure out “which is which”.

    It takes me a very long time to find out that ASUS has two lines of ereader: the Eee Note (previsouly Eee-Tablet) based on 8′ LCD and Linux; and DR-900 (prviously DR-950 or whatever) based on 9′ Sipxi.

    And ASUS itself never stands with its word.
    1. In 2009 it declared it will design a two-scree e-reader. []
    2. Then it switched to the one-screen DR-950. []
    2.5 Then DR-950 was changed with DR-900. []
    3. In July 2010 (Computex) it declared Eee Tablet, a pen-driven for students, saying nothing about DR-900.
    4. In August it astonishingly said the Eee Tablet will be sold at $599. []
    5. In September it changed the name “Eee Tablet” to “Eee Note”, claiming that it will be sold at $299 in around October.
    6. Now it release DR-900, saying nothing about Eee Note!

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