Walgreen’s now selling a $99 Android tablet

One of my searches turned up the product page for the Maylong M-150, a 7" (800x480) Android tablet. It runs v1.6 on a 400MHz CPU and 256MB RAM. It has Wifi, a resistive touchscreen, speakers, microSD card slot, and it even ships with a dongle that provides 10/100 and USB ports. The product page lists that the M-150 ships with a full browser, reading app, Youtube, and a video player.

The interesting thing about the CPU is that it was designed by Via, so it's probably more powerful than the clock cycles suggest. We won't know until someone puts their hands on it.

Walgreens, Maylong via Android Tablets

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  1. Looks awfully fake. IE on Android? Air Sharing? OS X style dock? Um…

  2. Definitely a photoshop job, but still, Im sure they wil ship you SOMETHING, but Im not gonna find out.

    Regardless I think this is what Jobs is really scared of. Not 500 dollar samsung tablets. 50 dollar no sung tablets.

    Give it six months, these will be free in crackerjack boxes

  3. A lot of the super cheap tablets use Via chips. I have an Eken M001 tablet, and it falls into the group of tablets using Via chips. I have to say I’m very disappointed with mine.

    My first complaint is that the screen and audio quality are poor. This tablet may be better in these areas, but since this tablet is cheaper than mine, I wouldn’t hold out hope.

    My second complaint is that the device is slow. Again, since this tablet uses what is probably the same CPU, I wouldn’t hold my breath. However, I suspect that it is possible to wring a lot more performance out of this chip through better optimization of Android better for it, so I can’t assume that no one will bother to make it faster at some point.

    Also, battery life is poor, and the device doesn’t seem to go into much of a power saving mode. I suspect these areas would also be fixable in software, so I can’t assume they are the same in other similar tablets.

    I will say that on the upside, Android 1.6’s web browser is sluggish, but otherwise it works extremely well. In some ways, that makes the speed issues all the more aggravating.

  4. If ur m001 is to slow you might want to update the firmware to a custom one ! It does the job for email reading basic surfing and ebooks. Same hw as most of the china pads.

  5. I can tell you for a fact that we did not authorize these ripoff artists to misappropriate our Air Sharing icon. The icon is a registered trademark of Avatron Software, Inc. They just stole it and labeled it “File Browser.”

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