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Next2 Android tablet to ship in November – $199, v1.5

Word is going around that another of the many Android tablets I've shown you in the past couple months will soon be available from the Home Shopping Network in November for $199. The Next2 is 1 of 2 devices from Nextbook USA. It's based on a 7" LCD screen, runs Android v1.5, and supports the Borders (Kobo) ebookstore.

I've covered this tablet before (including a video), so I won't repeat the specs here. But I will note that Nextbook USA actually have 2 tablets; theNext1 obviously isn't ready yet (the spec sheet isn't available).

Nextbook USA

spec sheet

1 Comment on Next2 Android tablet to ship in November – $199, v1.5

  1. Anonymous Coward // 29 October, 2010 at 10:23 pm //

    So many tablet announcements. But nothing to really actually buy in Canada.

    Very very frustrating. Now I know what a smoker on a plane must feel like.

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