First hands on with the Asus DR-900 (video)

I just came across the first hands on review of the new Asus DR-900. The review is in Spanish, but I linked to a translated version. Start here.All in all, the reviewer sounds impressed. He has a few problems becuase this ereader was released for the Chinese market, but none were insurmountable.I can finally confirm some hardware details from the pictures. This ereader has 2 speakers, a microSD card slot, Touchscreen, Wifi, and an empty spot where 3G could have gone. Apps include an on device ebookstore and a browser.I think the review is worth reading just for the pictures. Check it out.

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  1. Hi, Nate, I don’t know if you speak Spanish, but this guy is saying in the beginning of the video that it will be marketed in February – March 2011. Spanish market dates, I hope: nonetheless, it’s disappointing. If he’s right, it means that most likely it won’t be marketed in most European countries before Christmas – that’s crazy!

    • Thanks.

      I can speak Spanish, but I have enough background noise (in my house) that I missed most of what he said. Thanks.

  2. I didn’t watch the video, just looked at the review. This goes nowhere without a bookstore component. So will they put B&N or Kobo on it? If Asus is smart, they’ll go with Kobo.

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