Have a look at North Korea’s first authorized PDA

I know it's not an ereader, but it is interesting.

Details are scarce on the new device. As you can see, there is no logo or brand on the unit itself. But it looks to have about a 5" screen, and my source mentions 8GB Flash, a microSD card slot, and a stylus. I'd bet that it also has Wifi, but it's not actually stated.

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Based on the app icons,  the PDA will ship with music and video players, an image viewer, some type of reading app,and what might be a VOIP or other phone ability. My source goes into some detail on the electronic dictionary, too.

Check out Show & Tell Pyongyang for more pictures.

Show & Tell Pyongyang via FindEbookReaders

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  1. Any chance you could change “embiggen” to a real word? Say maybe, “enlarge”?

    • I vote for it to stay. Who’s to say it’s not a real word? According to wiktionary it was coined over 125 years ago! With newish words I always consider whether aliens with a basic grasp of English would be able to figure out its meaning, and ’embiggen’ certainly passes that test. Or maybe I just like it because it’s similar to ’embuggerance’ which made me laugh when Terry Pratchett said it, even though he was using it to describe a truly distressing situation.

  2. Oh, and I bet the official line in North Korea will be that Kim Jong Un designed this, and wrote all the software for it, in a single weekend between running a sub-2hr marathon and creating a cure for liver cancer. Or something.

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