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Ebook sales remain flat in September

The AAP have release the official numbers for September ebook sales

E-book sales continue to grow, with a 158.1 percent increase over September 2009

($39.9 million); year-to-date E-book sales are up 188.4 percent.

It's good that they're promoting the fact that sales are up over last year, but sales have still hit a plateau. Remember, the reported figures for August and July were also around $40m. We're not seeing the same growth as last year; it's time everyone stopped kidding themselves.

P.S. There are 2 things you need to keep in mind with these figures. Ebook apps aren't included (I asked), and most indies aren't included.  This plateau in sales mainly affects the established major publishers.

P.P.S. Some time back I made a prediction that ebook sales wouldn't track with paper book sales. This months suggests (but doesn't prove) that I'm right. The book market is down, in general, but ebooks sales remained flat.

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2 Comments on Ebook sales remain flat in September

  1. Raise prices, sales not as good as you would expect.

    Hardly a surprise.

  2. Hi, I was just googling around and saw your post. I’ve also been analyzing the sales numbers, and found some interesting results — not flat at all, but growing exponentially. I did a regression analysis fitting the data to a standard S-curve (typical for product adoption), and it fit with a high degree of correlation. No room here for all the info, so have a look at

    Interested in your thoughts on it.

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