New word for cheap junky tablets – crapperjack?

So I was reading a story today about how Toys-r-Us will have an Android tablet for sale on Black Friday. It's going to be the Sylvania one that has already shown up at Kmart, so don't get your hopes up.As I was reading the article, I wondered how long it would be until a tablet showed up as the prize in a box of crackerjack. Snide, yes. But we are being inundated by cheap tablets, so it's a reasonable joke to make. Then I started thinking that it might be fun to label the cheap tablets crackerjack, and then use the term to define cheap junky tablets.

Well, I happen to like crackerjack candy (and the prizes), so I'm going to use crapperjack. (Also, the word "crackerjack" already has a positive  connotation similar to "brilliant".) It's simple, memorable, and has a certain alliteration.

P.S. Several months ago I made a prediction about the tablet market, and this post reminded me of it. I thought a poor UX would kill the tablet market before the major brands released their devices. I also thought we were going to see more crapperjack tablets.

I'd say that I was mostly right. The one detail that I got wrong is that it wasn't the apps harming the market; it's the devices themselves. These cheap tablets have a poor user experience becuase they were thrown together by people who don't know how to develop a good tablet (nor do they care).

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