New word for cheap junky tablets – crapperjack?

So I was reading a story today about how Toys-r-Us will have an Android tablet for sale on Black Friday. It's going to be the Sylvania one that has already shown up at Kmart, so don't get your hopes up. As I was reading the article, I wondered how long it would be until a tablet showed up as the prize in a box of crackerjack. Snide, yes. But we are being inundated by cheap tablets, so it's a reasonable joke to make. Then I started thinking that it might be fun to label the cheap tablets crackerjack, and then use the term to define cheap junky tablets.

Well, I happen to like crackerjack candy (and the prizes), so I'm going to use crapperjack. (Also, the word "crackerjack" already has a positive  connotation similar to "brilliant".) It's simple, memorable, and has a certain alliteration.

P.S. Several months ago I made a prediction about the tablet market, and this post reminded me of it. I thought a poor UX would kill the tablet market before the major brands released their devices. I also thought we were going to see more crapperjack tablets.

I'd say that I was mostly right. The one detail that I got wrong is that it wasn't the apps harming the market; it's the devices themselves. These cheap tablets have a poor user experience becuase they were thrown together by people who don't know how to develop a good tablet (nor do they care).

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