EbookMall.com to sell the Bebook Neo, Club

eBookMall.com just put out a press release announcing that they were adding 2 ereaders to their ebookstore. For a limited time they'll have the Neo on sale for $229 USB and the Club for $179. Shipping is currently free.

I wouldn't buy from them just yet; you can get the Bebook Club for less if you buy it direct (Bebook dropped the price without telling anyone).

From the press release:

If you're in the market for an eBook reading device, now is an excellent time to buy. eBookMall.com has announced that they are now selling two specific eReader models at below-retail prices: the BeBook Neo and the BeBook Club.

eBookMall has been granted a limited supply of the eReaders to sell at a discounted price. The BeBook Neo is being offered for $229 with free shipping. The regular cost to consumers is $249, excluding shipping. The BeBook Club is being offered for $179 with free shipping, while the regular cost to consumers is $199 without shipping.

The BeBook Neo is a full-featured eReading device with WiFi connectivity, a touch-screen, E-Ink technology, and memory capacity expandable up to 16 GB. It can play MP3 files and can read the most popular eBook formats.

The BeBook Club is based on the Neo, but comes at a more affordable price. It's a bit more lightweight, has a longer lasting battery, it uses the same E-Ink technology, all at a lower cost to you.

Both of these eBook readers are stylish, lightweight, and easy to use. They can store your entire library of books on one device. These eBook readers are becoming more and more popular because of this portability. Both the Neo and Club support PDF, EPUB (with or without Adobe DRM), DOC, TXT, and many other common file types.

The discounted prices being offered at eBookMall.com provide a great opportunity to grab an eBook reader. Both models allow you to shop at any eBook store in the world, so you're not tied to one specific website like you are with some other eReaders.

This limited offer is only available through eBookMall.com, for customers located in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

5 thoughts on “EbookMall.com to sell the Bebook Neo, Club

  1. Bebook dropped the price without telling anyone? Well, not here in the Netherlands! Neo is still EUR 329, and the Club EUR 189.
    EUR 329, that buys you two Neos from eBookMall. Only they don’t ship to the Netherlands.

  2. I’m gonna ask a friend in the US to pick up one for me. Already own an imported Kindle, but the BeBook can open all non-Amazon books I have. I prefer not to be limited in my choice of book-seller…

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