Iriver Cover Story now in stock at Waterstone’s – £129.99

iriver's latest ereader, the Cover Story, is now in stock at Waterstone's . The Cover Story is based on a 6" E-ink touch screen, and it has 2GB Flash, a SD card slot, accelerometer, stylus, and support for Adobe DE DRM. The base model is now selling for £129.99, and the model with Wifi is up for pre-order at £149.99. (It's scheduled to be in stock in 4 days.)


P.S. Can someone tell me how long Waterstone's have been selling ereaders? I'm asking becuase they still haven't updated the webpage template for their site. It still says "Book Details" (and that's not the only problem). I'm amused but also worried by their marginal technical competence. I'm not sure I'd want to do business with a chain that can't even run a website adequately.

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