Notes from an electronic ink exhibit & conference in Berlin

There was an art exhibit and conference last week in Berlin. Actually there probably were several exhibits, but the one I'm interested in focused on electronic ink.

I obviously wasn't able to attend, and right now I'm really regretting not getting someone to go on my behalf. Check out the lead picture (bigger version at the end). It appears to be a prototype electronic ink tablet that someone brought to the conference.  They let attendees play with it. (I'm still trying to find out what it is.)

Update: What you're looking at is a tethered artist's tablet with a 10" color screen made by Bridgestone (and the touchscreen was Wacom).  This was a prototype that is  still under development by Tebaldo. They don't know when it will hit the market.

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This picture at right is from SID Display Week 2010.

BTW, you may have noticed that the screen has appears to have rather low resolution for color. It did. I'm told that the resolution for color was 72 ppi and the resolution for grayscale was 170 ppi. I don't have the specific technical details for this screen, but I suspect it has a color filter layer on top of the epaper screen (like the color E-ink).

But I do have a summary of the event from the Galarno blog (and a slideshow on Youtube):

Bruno Rives, Tebaldo, creator and animator of LaboBnF, introduced this new medium presenting its application possibilities in general as well as for art in particular.

The art collector and developer of iPhone and iPad applications Ivo Wessel presented recent developments in the art world through new technologies with a particular emphasis on legal issues. Julius Wiedemann, editor of Taschen publishing house, finally discussed with us the evolution of new technologies regarding communication and reading.

In addition an exhibition was organised circling around the work of François Schuiten. Amongst other things the exhibition presented an art work made of electronic ink incorporating slow animation which had especially been created for this occasion as well as serigraphs of the author.

Galarno also organised a workshop with designers and artists, offering a great opportunity for receiving information about on-going projects and exchanging experiences as well as the possibility to experiment with writing and drawing on a prototype colour tablet.

This event has reinforced the idea of a promising future of electronic ink for art, enabling us to meet a curious audience, ambitious artists and dynamic professionals.

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Update: I've been gently reminded that I need to credit the photographer, Patricia Despagne, and the artist in the photo, Thomas Duchene.

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