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New 9″ Pandigital Novel now selling on

Do you recall that new Pandigital tablet I showed you a couple week back? I just found out that it's listed on for $213.80. (I actually got one for $199, right before they raised the price). This is the larger sibling of the black 7" Novel Android tablet. I don't know the screen resolution yet, but I do know that this tablet has a resistive  touchscreen, Wifi, a stylus, 2GB Flash, and it ships with a 4GB microSD card. It's tied to the  B&N ebookstore, of course.

I'm not sure I'd recommend this tablet to anyone until after I know the CPU specs and what version of Android it's running. The black 7" Novel is running on v1.5, and it's barely worth using.

But good god that's a cheap tablet.

Update: The new Novel now has a product page on the Pandigital website. Screen resolution is a disappointing 800x480. I can also confirm that the pictures show a Home Screen, so this is probably an open tablet.

QVC via SlateDroid

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