Nook v1.5 firmware now available

I'm going to wait for Nookdevs to work their magic.

B&N just announced that they've released the latest update for the Nook Wifi and Nook 3G. Here are some of the improvements:

  • Sync current reading position across devices. Sync all your NOOK eReaders and devices enabled with NOOK software and apps, including iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android smartphones and PC.
  • Customize folders and group content for My B&N Library. The My Shelves feature  enables you to organize My B&N Library and My Documents by a particular subject or theme,  on easy-to-organize, easily-accessible Shelves.
  • Password protection option for purchases made on a NOOK device. You can now require that your B&N account password be entered before NOOK authorizes any content download (purchases, samples and free books). This is helpful for all of you'll who share NOOKS with family members, friends, and colleagues.
  • Pass code security for the NOOK.  You can configure NOOK to lock the screen after a certain number of minutes and then require a pass code to unlock it. The pass code security feature will activate each time the NOOK does powers on, awakens form Sleep Mode.
  • Faster page turns -- 50% faster turn rate than the previous version.
  • Improved search functionality that includes My Documents (side-loaded content) in the results.
  • Additional battery and other performance enhancements

You can get it here.

They're also reporting that the Nook Android app has been updated. They added notes and highlights and improved the download process. You can find that in the Android Market.

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3 Comments on Nook v1.5 firmware now available

  1. Do these changes make it more like the software arrangement we’ve seen on the PDN? Interesting they can speed up page flash 50% w/o any change in hardware. I also see they have one-upped Apple by making password protection for sharing the device.

  2. I’ve got to say that the increase in page turns is nice. It didn’t bother me before so its just an extra. Is it just me or does the increase page turn speed only on advancing the book. It seems to go slower when you go back. If so it may have been a software limitation to do with limited caching/wakup on the pageturn.
    I still need to test out the shelves.

  3. It kind of irked me that I couldn’t do the update with the built in 3G. I couldn’t connect at first through wifi and get the update. I tried a manual install but the instructions don’t really help that much. Finally, the Nook did update.

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