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This is looking to be a slow news day for ebooks, so I thought I'd take a step outside my usual coverage. Three posts on Android showed up in my feeds this morning. While I would normally only report on one, the coincidence that I happened across all 3 made me decide to discuss them together.This also gave me an opportunity to announce that I'm in the middle of planning a second blog to cover these kind of articles.  Obviously they don't fit TDR, but I also think that no one else is curating them, either. I think I can see an unfilled niche.

From PaidContent.org, on how Android doesn't really have an equivalent of iTunes:

Publishers are increasingly confident about the prospects for tablet editions in the post-print area. But, when it comes to actually monetising the opportunity, Android’s limitations mean iTunes Store remains the only real game in town for the forseeable future.

What Android is, by Tim Bray (an explanation of the components of Android OS):

Being an illustrated run through the basics.

What happened was, for our recent South American tour I wanted an Android architecture overview graphic. I ran across, among the Android SDK documentation, a page entitled What is Android?, and it’s perfectly OK. Except for, I really disliked the picture — on purely aesthetic grounds, just not my kind of lettering and gradients and layouts — so I decided to make another one.

How to install third part apps (a tip  which doesn't always work):

So, you’ve seen a wonderful application on SlideMe Marketplace, but when you try to install it on your Android device, an error message pops up, right? The same error message will appear when you try exchanging apps with friends through a SD Card. A small tweak in settings can save the day.

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