Google Needs To Define “Carefully”

Google puts this self-serving spam in all of its Google Books files (which also has the side-effect of giving cover views the same damned cover for every book): Click = bigSo how do they explain this?

Click = big

Click = big

Couldn’t they even have a team of temps looking at this stuff before approving it to go online?

The more I use Google Books, the more I come to realize that Google is just as negligent, smug, and uncaring as any company that existed before it. There’s nothing different about it being an Internet business at all. Evil rules there too.

reposted with permission from Mike Cane's Xblog

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  1. Exactly! I wrote about similar GOOG attitude in my satire 5 years ago. It’s a dead blog, killed by Google by then and resurrected this spring by an obvious mistake. But if I try to post this your text there, I’m sure it will be dead again.

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