Kobo Android app updated

From the Kobo Blog:

Great news for our Android readers! Today, Kobo released updates to our very popular Android app. Kobo is delighted to support the growing Android platform, and we think we have the best eReading app out there! Further, we know that being able to read any eBook is important, and we’ve listened to your request. So what’s new?

  • The ability to search, add and read Internet Archive ePubs – that’s over 1.9 million eBooks!
  • You can now read ebooks in the ePub format, no matter where they are purchased from
  • All of the great reading features available for books from our catalogue are available on books added to the library
  • We’ve made sideloading books easier and more customer friendly

The app can be downloaded from the Android Market.

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3 Comments on Kobo Android app updated

  1. >>>You can now read ebooks in the ePub format, no matter where they are purchased from

    That is BIG.

  2. Mrawhimskell klaar // 30 November, 2010 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    It certainly is Big. I for one detest all this fragmentation. It surely isn’t hard for all the book sellers to agree on one format and standard is it?

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