When it comes to cases, more is better

So M-Edge sent me a Kindle sometime back so I could write a review. I tired, but eventually I realized it sounded like an advert and not a review, so I wasn't comfortable with posting it. But I did learn a valuable lesson that I'd like to share.

First, a word about M-Edge. This is a small company based in Baltimore MD that makes cases for Kindle, Sony, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Irex DR800. Yo can find their cases in Staples, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

I asked for and they sent me one of their basic cases. I'm not all that pleased with it. The build quality is good, but now that I've seen the case along side the more expensive ones I think I'd prefer something that cost more.

Here's my point. It doesn't pay to be cheap when buying a case. If you don't have the funds or you don't want the features on the more expensive case, that's one thing.  But if the main deciding factor between a $50 case and a $30 case is the price, then you're making a mistake. You lose more in value than you gain in saved money.

You're not being frugal; you're being cheap. The difference is that being frugal means getting the biggest bang for your buck. Being cheap means going the next step beyond frugal and shaving the cost down simply to shave the cost down.

Perhaps the best way to say it would be that you should pick the case based on features, not cost.

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  1. The problem I have us that all cases are overpriced. It is just a profit grabber for the stores to recoup something for not making much money on the e readers themselves. This goes for cell phone and mp3 cases too.

    And yes, I have an iPod case and a case for my e reader.

  2. I’m curious as to what you didn’t like about the M-Edge case. I’ve had three M-Edge cases for the three different models of Kindle, and while I’m disappointed that they don’t seem to be making my favorite K2 model (Prodigy) for the K3, I’m still pretty happy with my very basic Go jacket. I’ve looked at other cases and sleeves, but went with the Go this time because of the good combination of protection and light weight along with the good build quality I knew I’d get from M-Edge.

    I still occasionally lust after the Oberon cases, though.

    • Mine was a Trip Jacket case, and there was nothing wrong with it. I decided I wanted a more complex case with a zipper and pockets, that’s all. It would have offered more protection.

      • I miss the pockets that were on my Prodigy and not on my Go, but I hate zippers. It’s important to think about how you will use the case; for me, zippers are noisy and get in the way when reading, and don’t provide any extra protection, because I’m usually carrying the Kindle in a purse.

        Extra money doesn’t always buy you better quality; I wish it were so, because it would be easier to find quality!

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