Storage Options announce new Android tablet

The Scroll is an Android v2.1 tablet based on a 7" resistive touchscreen. It's Storage Option's first tablet, but I seem to recall that they had an ereader or some other device (I've heard of them before).

This one is the first Android tablet tht I've seen in a while that I'd consider as a laptop alternative. It has 2 USB host ports, HDMI out, 2GB Flash, a microSD card slot, Wifi, and it's supposed to support 1080p output. It has an 800MHz CPU and 256MB RAM.

You can find it for £139.97 at, and I think hta might actually be a decent price for the specs.

product page

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  1. I doubt this 800mhz (not 80) arm-11 chip can really handle 1080p (not 1020p) smoothly. This is probably a better option, in terms of hardware:

    This only supports 720p playback, but it has a (much better) cortex a-8 processor, more RAM, more storage, runs on Android 2.2 and I think it’s about the same price when you take exchange rates and shipping into account.

    • Thanks for catching my mistakes.

      If this is a Rockchip CPU then my guess is that it probably can output 1080p. I’m really beginning to be impressed with Rockchip.

      • I think Rockchip has been doing some great stuff too, but I just have more faith in the arm cortex a8’s overall performance than the arm11.

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