Samsung Gloria makes the same mistake as the Kindle DX

Actually, it makes a bigger mistake, but I'll get to that.Blogee found some early photos of Samsung's new 10" Win7 tablet. They made a rather unusual design decision with this gadget, in that they gave it a sliding keyboard, and yes, that is a very bad idea.It's so bad that I'm not sure someone didn't get their facts mixed up.

If you want to use keyboard, you're going to have to either prop the Gloria on something or lay it down. If you prop it at a comfortable viewing angle and try to type, your fingers will get cramped fairly quickly. And if you lay it down, you'll have to lean forward and look down in order to see the screen. This bad posture will hurt your neck.

The KDX had much the same problem, except that it had a much wider viewing angle.

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4 Comments on Samsung Gloria makes the same mistake as the Kindle DX

  1. Nate,
    How is this any worse than typing on an iPad that is lying on something ?

    • I’d say this is probably worse becuase the Gloria looks to be bigger (angle gets worse with size).

      But TBH I don’t know anyone who types on an iPad extensively. The hardcore users get external keyboard, and only a minority would be happy typing on a touchscreen anyway..

      • It’s not bigger, it’s wider… iPad has a 4:3 ratio and Gloria has a 16:9. So it’ll be thinner but wider.

        Having a different shape doesn’t make it bigger. But what counts is weight anyway and the iPad is pretty heavy at 1.5-1.6kg (not counting accessories).

        Though it’ll be hard to match a IPS screen’s viewable angles and screen clarity.

        I agree an accessory keyboard would be better but for portable use the slide out keyboard isn’t really a terrible idea, one could still say it’s at least a little better than an on screen keyboard (remember on a 16:9 screen the keyboard will take up more of the screen than it would on a 4:3 screen), just not very ideal.

  2. It depends on the keyboard. It is hard to tell if it has the chicklit keys or cellphone like keys. If it is cellphone-like keys, it would be hard to type on.

    It would be cool if the keyboard slid out and then you could turn the screen 90 degrees and have a notebook effect out of it.

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