Vestal launch new e-readers in India

Vestal, a tech company based in Singapore, have just announced that they will be entering the Indian ereader market. They plan to sell 5 ereaders and an Android tablet. BTW, you may have heard of the KeyReader, an  ereader Vestal released in their home market of Singapore. Like one  of the Leaf models, the KeyReader is a rebranded Onyx Boox.

Before I go further, I have to say that something is really iffy about this company. Based on what and how Vestal have shared details on their devices and based on the poor images provided, I really have to wonder if the Leaf ereaders will ever see the light of day.

There was no mention of prices or actual launch dates. This is the first red flag.

First up is the Leaf Mega, a 9.7" with Wifi, Bluetooth, keyboard, a SD card slot, and broad ebook format support. I'm not sure what it looks like. That little tiny image at right is borrowed full size from Vestal's website. And since we can't trust the images, I don't trust the specs, either.

Next is the Leaf Touch Pro. You should be able to recognize this as the Onyx Boox. It has a 6" E-ink screen, Wifi, a Wacom touchscreen, a SD card slot, and broad format support. We know for sure that this one exists, at least.

And that brings me to the Leaf Touch, which is based on a 6" touch screen and has Wifi, a browser, and same format support as before.

And here is one of the points that bother me. Based on some of the details in the product description and based on the image, I'd say that this is a Sipix based ereader by BenQ. Unfortunately, it's not stated in the description.

The LeafAccess is a Kindle clone with a 6" Eink screen, Wifi, 3G, a SD card slot, but no touch screen. This isn't an ereader I recognize, actually.

Now, this next one is worth noting because I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. I think the LeafBasic is a Jinke design. It's based on a 6" Eink screen and it has Wifi, a microSD card slot, as well as the same broad ebook format support.

And last but not least we have the LeafAndroid. This is a 7" Android tablet running v2.1 with Wifi, 3G, a SD card slot, and 2GB Flash.

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  1. IM from mumbai .india n i would like to buy leaf android so pls let me kno how i can

  2. I want to buy the leaf mega.. kindly arrange more details on the same. I am located in mumbai , INDIA.


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