The Kobo ebookstore is broken!

As you might remember, a few weeks ago I reviewed the black Pandigital Novel.  I'd just gotten it from Pandigital and I was keen to try the new Canadian firmware.One detail I covered in the review was that the CAN firmware was tied to the Kobo ebookstore. You can visit the Kobo from the Novel and buy ebooks as well as download free one. This was good for me; I already have an account there.Unfortunately, I couldn't download the collection of free ebooks I got from Kobo because they simply weren't accessible.

Let me explain. If you have an account there, go to the website and look for the "I'm reading" tab. It will show you all the ebooks you bought, both paid and free. That tab is missing from the version of the Kobo ebookstore on the Novel, which means I can't even see part of my Kobo library, much less download it.

Do you know the really amazing part? The Canadian firmware has been out for over 2 months, and they still have not fixed it. I'm not even sure if they noticed until I pointed it out. Where was their quality control?

I brought this to the attention of Kobo over 2 weeks ago. Kobo won't want to tell me when they would fix this problem, so I unfortunately have to make a public spectacle. I'd much rather get it fixed quietly, but it's going to be fixed.

Do you want to know the really odd part? The other ereaders that use the Kobo ebookstore don't share this problem. The Literati and the Lookbook both have the missing tab. I can't explain it.

P.S. I checked before posting this, and that tab is still not there.

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5 Comments on The Kobo ebookstore is broken!

  1. Have you checked to see if this is for everyone or maybe you have a bugged device and the need the app re downloaded?

    It would be really hard to believe at this point everyone that has it, can not read their books.

  2. I looked at the Kobo app on my I Phone and saw what tour talking about. How would they except anyone to read books bought from Kobo on it? Really seems to defeat the purpose. Also it is dumb for Kobo which probably pays something to be on the device.

  3. Could be Kobo pushed an update to Pandigital and for whatever other reason, Pandigital has been sitting on it. Did you ever ask Pandigital?

    • Yes. I spoke to the senior management at CES. They know there’s a problem.

      And I know that the black Novel has had at least a couple firmware updates since I posted this back in December. The one from June has the same problem.

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