Maria Pallante named acting Register of Copyrights

Maria Pallante, currently the Associate Register, has been named to fill the position as Register of Copyrights on 1 January, 2011.  Ms. Pallante joined the Copyright Office in 2007 as deputy general counsel, and was promoted to her current position in 2008.Prior to joining the Copyright Office, Ms. Pallante worked for eight years for the Guggenheim Foundation. She also worked for 2 authors’ organizations: the Authors Guild (Authors League of America) and the National Writers Union.  She practiced law for a short time with the Washington, DC firm, Lichtman, Trister and Ross, where she focused on both authors and exempt organizations.

Editor's Note: I'm still trying to find the announcement for this. It came through the Library of Congress RSS feed, but then it seems to have vanished.

Do you know what? This position doesn't really matter anymore.

When the current Register announced that she would retire this year, I wrote a post about how critical this position was. The Register of Copyrights is in the position to influence DMCA exemptions, affect court cases, interpret existing law, and assist in writing new copyright law.

But since I wrote that the Obama administration have quite clearly sold out to Big Media. First, the RIAA wrote Spain's new copyright law and US diplomats pressured the Spanish government to pass it. Second, over Thanksgiving DHS protected our nation from the scourge of hiphop blogs by seizing the domain names and relying solely on debunked RIAA so called statistics.

And then there's the ACTA, which simply makes me want to cry.

Folks, when the guy in the Oval Office is giving blowjobs to the RIAA, a position as lowly as Register of Copyrights simply doesn't matter.

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