New firmware out for the Sharper Image Literati

I've just heard from a reader that the Literati got a firmware update recently. Unfortunately, I can't give you a review of the improvements; my Literati forgets all the settings whenever I put it in sleep mode. I also can't get it to stay connected to my Wifi network.

I'm going to have to leave you with the complaints left by the commenter:

Updated the firmware date Dec. 10th which helped but it still crashes a lot so keep a paperclip handy. Thinking I may return this to Best buy if then don’t fix the constant crashes with another update.

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9 Comments on New firmware out for the Sharper Image Literati

  1. I have one and love it. I have not experianced any of the problems stated here in. I would not hesitate giving this as a gift.

  2. i can’t connect to secure networks, but public ones (unsecure). that’s how i get updates. i hope that this wifi issue is only firmware related, not hardware.

  3. I can’t seem to get this damn thing to do anything at all. I plug the usb into the computer and it says it’s not readable… then I purchase a book from kobo and it won’t “sync” and says the device is not readable even though it shows that it’s “connected” on the screen. Then when it does finally sync, the literati says “please wait… processing new content” and well it has been doing that for over an hour now……. any advice? other than bringing it back?

  4. Literati worked yesterday. Tried to remove books from it via the USB and get error message. Also when I synced it it showed up with books that had no previously been there, that I had not purchased from Kobo nor were they books I was interested in even reading. Tried to get support from Literati via their page but got an error message there as well when trying to send them an email. This happened before when my previous one crashed. The one I have now is one they sent to replace the other one. Not very happy with this e-reader but it was a gift and I cannot afford something better.

  5. OK. I am totally aggrivated with my Literati ereader! I have been trying to download books from my public library wth NO LUCK!! Ugh! And what is up with forgetting the date and time? Everytime I turn it on it has to be reset. It was cheap & I have enjoyed it when I get past the initial aggrivation of turning it on. Guess you get what you pay for?

  6. Soo does anybody know how to hack the literati or a reliable source?!!

  7. Am I correct that the Literati is completely unsupported by both Kobo and Sharper Image. It is frustrating that there does not even appear to be a legact site with software, etc.

  8. I usually have no problems with this device, I do like the fact that it is in color (on screen) and larger format than most e-readers (I also have an older model Sony E-reader). Anyhow, this Literati was a gift, so I can’t complain on getting gypt. lol
    As far as updates–I have been able to get updates even through a dial-up service, but for the most part, if you have access to wi-fi (public hot-spots (free) work great…I use my local library….it should update automatically as long as you have the wi-fi service function enabled!
    I transfer my e-books from my home computer (those in pdf files work best) via a usb cable, and that is also the best way to delete books you don’t want. And many of you might have noticed that there were some books pre-installed on your e-reader…just delete them like I mentioned above. It should work.
    So, for the other issues…Sharper Image went out of business I hear…so if you have an older device like mine, from Sharper Image, good luck getting any support. Keep looking on the internet though, someone has probably found a work-around to fix sticky issues.
    Happy Reading! Oh, and try this customer support number 1.800.481.7983,

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