Amazon are looking to get the Kindle app on Android tablets

A few weeks ago the Cruz T301 tablet showed up on Amazon with a dual core CPU, 7" capacitive touch screen, and sporting the Kindle Android app.

That last detail was something of a surprise, but apparently Velocity Micro had been in discussions with Amazon for several months. This wasn't just a spur of the moment action.

I then followed up with one of my Amazon contacts. This is what she told me:

Our goal is to make it possible to read Kindle books on all of the devices and platforms you choose – so we are absolutely working to make it as easy as possible for readers to get the Kindle app.

I asked and she also sent me the contact info for an Amazon VP. This is the person who tablet makers would need to reach out to in order to get the Kindle app on their tablet.

I've been sending the name around, and it's interesting to see which companies pursued this and which didn't. For example, Pandigital are the only one who didn't want the contact info. I'm guessing that this means they already had it, and they're planning to have the app on their next tablet.

P.S. Did you note the "several months" time frame? In spite of all the rumors, I don't think Amazon ever actually planned to ship their own tablet.

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