Copia to be Showcased by Top Tier OEMs at CES 2011

From the press release:Today, Copia announced that at CES 2011 multiple top tier OEMs will feature its platform on their tablets and mobile devices.By combining social networking and eBooks sales, Copia expands the parameters of the book as we know it.  Readers can purchase books, highlight passages, take notes and share them, as well as comment on other users' entries. A book can exist both in its original published form and become a mutating work as comments are added and different views are expressed.

Powered by its unique patent-pending collaborative annotation tool, Copia is redefining how the world interacts with books, allowing readers - regardless of location and on multiple devices - to instantly share thoughts and create discussions in the margins of their open eBooks.

"As the eReading trend continues to grow, top tier OEMs are looking for the best way to attract readers to their devices, and they recognize that only a Copia eBook lets people have a fully interactive experience with the book, their friends and literary community at large," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive, LLC. "And we are pleased that top tier OEMs are featuring Copia on their upcoming tablets and mobile devices."

For students, the note-sharing functionality coupled with Copia's accessibility across multiple digital touch points is nothing short of a revolution in studying.  Professors can highlight books for their class, students can share notes, and authors can release special annotated editions.

"It doesn't matter what type of device you have. Copia's device agnostic platform lets students study efficiently with others, anytime, anywhere," Lowinger added.

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  1. The interesting thing about this is that the Copia apps are not available to the public yet (except for the Desktop and iPad versions). So I wonder what kind of deal Copia is making for vendors to risk highlighting beta software at CES.

    I like their Windows app, I just don’t see how they get to a critical mass of readers. Paying vendors (up front or per ebook sale) to pre-install their software would be one way.

  2. Social media is starting to creep into apps like the Kobo app for the IPad so it will probably be a little too late for Copia to do anything anyways.

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