CES: Gajah – e-readers, tablets, & e-readers oh my!

Thanks to the Kindle-Nook price war this year (and the recession), you'd expect the smaller ereader companies to cut back on their expenses. That's why the ereader selection was paltry this year (though I'd say it was the price war and not the recession, myself).But not Gajah. They're doing so well that they actually had 2 booths this year; one in South Hall and the other in North Hall. One was in the ereader tech zone had had just ereaders and tablets and the other had their full product line (gadgetry of various kinds). The tablets are pretty nice, too. Both have 7" screens, and they should be in production shortly. One runs v1.5 and the other runs v2.2. I shot a video of the one running v2.2 (BK 7009) which is at the end of the post.They will be in production in march.

I'm only going to show you a few of the ereaders, basically just the ones that are actually new. All have either a 5" or 7" LCD screen and none have Wifi or a touchscreen. The quality of the screen might differ, though. The pair of 5" ereaders in the third picture are much the same device with only cosmetic differences separating them from my Elonex 500EB. And the 7" ereader in the 4th picture has only cosmetic differences from the Elonex 700EB Gajah lent me.

All the following ereaders (except the Kindle clone and the tablets) are currently in production.

Gajah also brought a couple ereaders with 6" E-ink screens. The Kindle clone is only a mockup, though.

I like all their ereaders, but I just love what they did with the interface on the BK 7009 Android tablet.

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