Pincette launches Personal Book Space Service

This is a new site that lets you upload and store your ebooks (kinda like Dropbox), only this site has 1 critical improvement: it supports OPDS. What this means is that you can upload your personal ebook library (DRM not supported, of course) to Personal Book Space and then download the ebooks from inside any reading app that supports the OPD standard (Aldiko, Stanza).It would be worth looking into if not for the fact it costs 10 euros per year per GB.I've been waiting for months for an announcement like this; it's such an obviously good idea that I don't know what took so long. Is this really the first developer to think of providing an ebook upload site with OPDS support?Personal Book SpaceFrom the press release:

This is an online service lets users put their entire e-book library online in a private space. They can use it directly from their ereader.

Personalbookspace uses the open protocol OPDS (see This protocol is now supported by several ereaders, as well as popular online archives such as Feedbooks and Project Gutenberg. Using open standards is the key to provide maximum choice to the user.

With personalbookspace you can organize your books in folders, which is a great feature when you have hundreds of them. In general, ereaders present the books they contain as a long list. Since personalbookspace lets you access your entire library from within the ereader, wherever you are, you only have to keep the books you are using on the reader.

Uploading books to personalbookspace is as simple as copy and paste. Any changes you make to your online library are immediately visible in the ereader. The cover preview image and meta-data are automatically extracted from the books and used for the presentation in the ereader.

Folders are a great way to organize books, but then it can still be difficult to find a particular book. With personalbookspace you can use full-text search, which is something your paper bookshelf will never be able to offer. The search results show scores and text fragments with highlighted terms.

For more information about personalbookspace:

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