First One Digital Publishing launched today

The website for First One Digital Publishing went live today. They're launching with 4 titles that they're publishing this month (that's not bad for an indie press). The ebooks are currently available in the Sony Store and the Kindle Store. There's also a small library of free ebooks (mostly pd).From the press release:

First One Digital Publishing is a new brand of publishing company focused on publishing literary content primarily for digital e­reader outlets and devices. Led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Karen Hunter, First One Digital Publishing’s goal is to be the first one to lead the charge in driving the ebook and digital content space across all digital formats. Hunter is also co-author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including Ladies First, On the Down Low, and Wendy’s Got the Heat and publisher of Janet Jackson’s True You, which is due out on February 8th, 2011. Hunter is known for her discerning eye for celebrity stories and recently confirmed that First One will publish Reverend Al Sharpton’s Mountain Highs and Valley Lows as well as NBA All-Star Allan Houston’s book on parenting, Fastbreak on Fatherhood, which is slated for a Father’s Day release.

First One Digital Publishing’s first release is Good Cop, Bad Money, which chronicles the life and career of Glen Morisano, Deputy Inspector of the NYPD known best for making life miserable for New York City’s biggest drug lords and criminals including the infamous Jacob the Jeweler. For Good Cop, Bad Money, First One has inked a deal with Market America and has published a run of terrestrial books to sell through the massive distributor that has committed to drive sales and put the books directly in front of its audience. “Good Cop, Bad Money and Glen Morisano is a Market America kind of book—it’s about a real person overcoming adversity to win and we’re proud to be a partner in seeing its success,” said Market America CEO, JR Ridinger. “On the business side, working with First One Digital Publishing will definitely take publishing in a whole new direction—into the future.”

Also available today is Is It Really Just A Dream by Dana Chandler, a book about what your dreams really mean and Ask the Good Doctor: The Detox Edition by LaJoyce Brookshire. First One has also introduced its free e-library, featuring the un-edited version of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with commentary from Karen Hunter, as well as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button amongst others. Upcoming releases include: Nigger, a national best seller by comedian, Dick Gregory for the first time in ebook format on February 1st as well as book release with Reverend Al Sharpton scheduled for fall 2011. Reverend Al Sharpton supports First One Digital Publishing by adding, “I am proud and excited about being a part of what I believe will define publishing in the 21st Century,” said Rev. Sharpton. “You can’t get a new message out in an old method. It’s like those who want to put out a new song on a 45-record or 8-track, not understanding that the method is antiquated. This launch of First One Digital is about messages for these times and the future, using the methodology of these times and the future.”

For a complete list of upcoming releases please refer to the website,

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